上品  jouhin - can be used of perople or things. It means graceful or soiphisticated in a quiet or understated way. When it comes to people, 上品 is usually used about women, I mean 'ladies.'

 洗練された  senrensareta - literally 'polished.' Like the 'after' version of Eliza Doolittle - something or someone that is hi-class or sophisticated because they have been to middle school in Paris, shopping in Milan, know their way around the world - i guess 'cosmopolitan sophisticate' is the best English equivalent. Also applies to hi-class things that have been made in a very skillful way. Put another way, doing coke is never 上品、but in the seventies it was very 洗練された。

優雅な -ゆうが This also means 'hi-class' but it has more of an ' Elegant, old-money, traditional' spin to it.

which word is applied often to objects? which is most used? which should be included in the book?