察する:さっ*する:A: infer the feelings of other people (usually in the sense of being a good host or sentitive friend) (as opposed to 気が利く, which refers to actually physically doing something for that person - like when you go to a host club).

XXX/ 推察:すいさつ / : guess or speculate (about the meaning of someone's behavior or words, but you're not sure) ???

guess is usually just, と思う。 or 当ててみて! (guess my age!)

these guys - I'm not so sure what the differences are! please help?

推定:すいてい: a guess, an estimate (A)

推測する:すいそくする: to guess or deduce . is one of these better than the other?? (A)

推理:すいり: deductive reasoning, inference. (AA)




- guess